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Meet and Code


Meet and Code 2022 is an event that takes place in September and October 2022, with a focus on EU Code Week from October 5 to 20. 35 countries participate in the project. Meet and Code was founded in 2017 with the aim of presenting new technologies to young generations and developing their programming knowledge and skills.



The workshop “My first website” The workshop "My first website" was created as an idea to show young people how to create a website. Since we live in a world where technology is very present, therefore more and more people use websites in some of the browsers. The trainers from this workshop decided to show the participants a little more about how to start creating a website. Concepts were explained and how to introduce them to HTML and CSS without any prior knowledge of the same.

The code was written in NotePad. Participants had the opportunity to learn how to start writing their website, which tags are used for headings and which for paragraphs. In addition to the basic things about writing text, they learned which tag to insert an image or to add a link to a new page.
They learned very important things, such as that CSS can be:

  • Inline
  • Internal
  • External

At the end of the workshop, the participants created their first website using a few basic steps. The website was Coffee Shop and to print the list of drinks that are offered and to insert pictures if possible for those drinks. The participants were very creative when creating the task itself and at the end of the workshop they presented their initial websites and explained what they used to create them.


The “Code&Go” event aimed to increase the interest of young people for the world of programming in the C++ programming language, but also to teach them its basics. What represents the main obstacle for young people to try their hand at the world of programming is the belief that programming is only done by excellent mathematicians. Due to this fact, young people feel that they are not competent enough for programming, which is slowly becoming a big part of the future.

The event was realized in order to break the stereotype that programming can only be done by individuals who have a talent for mathematics. Mathematics is an inevitable and important part of programming, but it is not a rule that only good mathematicians are good programmers. The purpose of the project is for young people to understand that every problem can be solved in several ways, that in order to write any code it is necessary to know the commands that can be used and how they work. Participants had the opportunity to learn about libraries, the concept of variables, proper declaration, program structure, basic commands, and the like. In addition to the presentation made in PowerPoint, which showed the theoretical part followed by examples, various tasks in the Dev-C++ development environment were presented and tested.