Priprema mladih žena i djevojaka za tržište rada

Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth of Tuzla Canton

Priprema mladih žena i djevojaka za tržište rada


Although women have worked throughout history, their work has been seen as less valuable, and the question of how much women's work is truly valued is still present. It should be pointed out that women are at a disadvantage compared to men from the moment they enter the labor market. Although these differences are slowly decreasing, the topic of discrimination against young women and girls in the labor market is still present. Women's participation in the labor market and equal opportunities for their employment are the most common indicators of women's emancipation, and it is considered that the economic empowerment of women is one of the basic goals of gender equality, relying on the premise that economic independence is the basis on which women can improve their position in all other spheres of life.

In order to solve the lack of women on the labor market, it is necessary to enable them to acquire skills and education to present themselves on the labor market and find a job. It is necessary to provide young women and girls with various education and practice programs tailored to their needs and circumstances, and these are just some of the necessary steps to solve primarily the problem of lack of self-confidence in their abilities compared to male colleagues.


About the project

The project "Preparation of young women and girls for the labor market" aims to train female students and young unemployed women to enter the labor market. The project aims to prepare and strengthen the aforementioned groups in the labor market, then to strengthen their confidence in their own skills and existing knowledge, giving them information on how to use them in the world of work.

What are all the needs in today's labor market - what are the skills, education, required knowledge and how to get them? These are just some of the questions that the participants will get answers to with this project. In addition, in this way, project participants will be educated in terms of how to create their biography (CV), profile on business social networks (Linkedln), and prepare for an interview for a potential job.


The project is planned for a two-day joint stay of the participants and the project team, as well as the implementation of educations that will include two three-hour workshops.

The activity plan is designed as follows:

  • Arrival of participants at a certain location, introduction/networking, introductory training, creation/updating of CV.
  • The first part will explain how the labor market works today, what employers are looking for, how to present yourself and the like.
  • In the second part, participants will be divided into small groups where they will work on identifying their own skills that they would like to include in their resume.
  • Continuation of work in groups, creation/updation of LinkedIn profile, interview simulation.

Attendees will have the opportunity to work on their CV document and adapt it for a specific job advertisement. We will also work on creating/updating a LinkedIn profile as a necessary way of presenting yourself in the business world. After that, the participants will be divided into groups where the job interview process will be simulated.

Our expectations

Through the activities of the project, young participants will have the opportunity to develop the following qualities: self-confidence, critical thinking, leadership, entrepreneurship, communicativeness and readiness for teamwork. Also, we expect a greater interest of young women to be constantly educated in such a way that they can stand out in the labor market. The expected result is informed young women who, through this activity, will be encouraged to study further and acquire the skills they will need in their job search. Certainly, the participants of the project will at the end have their CV document that is updated and adapted to the job they are applying for.

Time and date of the project

The project will be implemented from 01.09. until 01.12.2022, where the education is planned to take place in the hotel "Zlaća" Banovići, more precisely on 15 and 16.10.2022 (Saturday and Sunday). The departure is scheduled for 15.10. (Saturday) at 12:00 in front of the Tuzla hotel, and return the following day 16.10 (Sunday) at 15:00 in front of the Zlaća hotel. Project participants will have the opportunity to, in addition to gaining knowledge and experience, spend the weekend in a nice atmosphere, positive energy and socializing.