Foundation of Tuzla community



Our most recent project named "UčITTI" is in fact the first project we are organizing as an Association of Young Women "GirlTHing". It is supported and financed by Foundation of Tuzla community and Youth bank. The main goal of the project is creating our own quality online content, on mother tongue, for learning the basics of programming languages, that are in demand in the ICT sector today, and also developing certain skills of our association's members so that the uppermentioned content could be created.

In short time, the COVID-19 virus has significantly changed the circumstances in which children and young people live. Even thought, the online classes have introduced flexibility in the way of learning and the accesibility of the educational content on the Internet, a large number of young people still spend their time on social media, without interest in acquiring new knowledge. An additional aggravating circumstance for young people who nevertheless decide to educate themselves in their free time, is the fact that the most of the content related to information technology is not available on their native language. As the project result, we want to shorten the time highschoolers and students spend on social media, and teach them how to spend time on the Internet in one quality way with educational content.


The projects consist of series of activities. Among the first are the educations of our members. We will have the opportunity to organize workshop on photo and video editing, the purpose of which is to provide the necessary knowledge for independent creation of banners, posters, as well as quality video content. The main goal of the educations is to educate participants of the project how to record and edit an attractive and understandable video tutorial. The tutorials will be published on our Youtube channel and will benefit anyone who is starting to learn the basics of programming or information technology in general. In addition, the participants will learn how to create interesting and attractive poster, for all of our future activities. Also, workshops will be held with the aim of introducing and training members in the basics of JavaScript scripting language. After that, the participants will have the necessary knowledge for creating dynamic Web pages, and they will apply it for creating quizzes for everyone who, after watching the tutorial, want to test their acquired knowledge in a certain area. After all the training, our members will have the necessary knowledge for creating the platform, which will be consisted of four IT areas: programming languages Python and C++, SQL language for creating databases, as well as HTML and CSS, technologies for developing Web pages. Each of the areas will be consisted of series of video tutorials, and it will be free and easily accesed, without any previous registration, on Web page of the Association and our Youtube channel.

You can see the video tutorials in the area of Object orientated programming HERE.

You can see the video tutorials in the area of Databases HERE.

You can see the video tutorials in the area of LaTeX markup language HERE.

Our expectations

After the end of this project, we expect that the process of learning for highschoolers and students will be easier, and we want awaken their interest in IT sector. We also want to encourage those who have not had any previous experiences or chances to do anything related to this areas, to try themselves out in these areas and to learn something new and useful.